Meet The Team

Ahsan Awan

Co-founder, Chief Executive Officer

Ahsan Awan is a founder, Board Director, and CEO of LNQ Systems, as well as the founder and CEO of American Presswire. He is the former CEO of Occulex, an augmented reality medical device and imaging technology developer, and former CEO of Global CINRG, a multinational biopharma CRO. He also served as founding Director of the Clinical Trials Division of Pharmalink, Inc., a pharmaceutical product reverse distributor, as well as Director of Development at California Northstate University.

Mr. Awan caused operational growth that lead to successful contingent resourcing efforts in nearly 100 different countries and involving nearly 200 pharmaceutical products over a 10 year period. His achievements and success in pharmaceuticals and healthcare have been acknowledged in PharmaVoice Magazine, where he was a member of the prestigious PharmaVoice 100 in 2006, 2007, 2009 and 2011. He brought seasoned software development, clinical development, contingent workforce and outsourcing leadership experience to the Clinical Trials Division of PharmaLink, where he was the principal architect of the TRAPS™ Supply Chain Management and drug accountability software system. He also led a CNU team that developed one of the most innovative governance systems and curricular models for medical education in the world. He attended the University of Oregon, The George Washington University, and the University of Florida.

Mr. Awan serves as a Key Opinion Leader and Consultant to numerous Wall Street hedge and mutual funds, investment banks and firms, as well as a handful of private and public companies involved in technology, software, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, medical device, and other related enterprises.

Neil Manning

Co-founder, Chief Operating Officer

Neil Manning is a founder, Board Director, and COO of LNQ Systems, an Executive Director of American Presswire, and Manager of Professional Services at a fortune 500 software development firm. He is a former project executive at EPIQ Systems, a legal services firm that facilitated numerous large Class Action lawsuits including the creation of software to process claims, determine awards, and deliver payments to class members.

Mr. Manning is a key client relationship manager. His achievements and success in the legal and technology fields have been widely recognized. His teams represent anywhere from 30 to 70 percent of his division’s revenue, and he has been trusted with the most complex projects and largest team oversight. Some of the major class action cases Mr. Manning oversaw include: the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill, In Re Managed Care Litigation, and Hurricane Katrina Insurance Mediations. More recently, Mr. Manning has moved into the technology development field working with top tier Banks and Credit Unions developing technological solutions to help ease the movement of money, provide simple solutions to assist banks in the move away from the brick and mortar and into the virtual space, retaining and building end-users, and increasing revenue 10-fold. He attended the University of Oregon, the University of Portland, and holds numerous leadership and management certificates.

Mr. Manning serves as a Key Opinion Leader and Consultant to Wall Street hedge and mutual funds, investment banks and companies involved in banking, financial technology, software development, and other related business sectors.

Alison Ostendorf

Co-founder, Chief Product Officer

Alison Ostendorf is a founder, Board Director, and CPO of LNQ Systems, as well as the founder of Responsive Redesign, and founder of Conscious Office Inc., a business products supplier focused on green supply chain and scalable environmental sustainability. She is a former licensed real estate agent in the state of New York, as well as a highly experienced laboratory scientist focused on optical fluorescence and confocal microscopy focused on improving targeting and mapping of cell activity and interaction. Ms. Ostendorf is also an experienced lighting design and stage management expert with nearly a decade of experience involving over 120 different shows in the San Francisco Bay Area and New York City.

Ms. Ostendorf is a self-taught coder responsible for software that automates the investment property location process. She oversees a rapidly growing agency responsible for the development of a half dozen disruptive technologies as well as, a site that aids investors with the identification and location of social ventures they’re passionate about. At the age of 20, she was considered a confocal and fluorescence microscopy expert and was teaching PhD students. She attended the University of California, Berkeley, and Merritt College.

Ms. Ostendorf is a member of the Social Venture Network and the American Sustainable Business Council. She serves as a Key Opinion Leader and Consultant to Wall Street hedge and mutual funds, investment banks and firms, as well as a handful of companies involved in technology, software, real estate, and various other enterprises.

Matthew Woodget

Chief Marketing Officer

Matthew Woodget is the CMO of LNQ Systems, as well as the founder and Chief Strategist of Go Narrative, a strategic marketing enterprise focused on business storytelling. He is a former SVP of Emphatic Thinking, and a former Senior Manager at Microsoft. He has also held multiple positions at Intel Corp.

Mr. Woodget is an award winning marketing campaign producer whose work has been directly responsible for more than doubling enterprise revenue. He has successfully filed a patent and led the launch of a near billion dollar Microsoft subsidiary. He has also led global partnerships with the Lotus Formula One auto racing team, and he has overseen global events catering to nearly 200,000 customers. He attended the University of Kent at Canterbury, U.K.

Mr. Woodget serves as a Key Opinion Leader and Consultant to numerous Wall Street hedge and mutual funds, investment banks and firms, as well as a handful of private and public companies involved in technology, software, and a number of other enterprises.

Bobby Kaura

Chief Strategy Officer

Bobby is the CSO of LNQ Systems, as well as an Associate Director of Market Business Development at Illumina Inc., a global leader in the development, manufacture, and marketing of genomics technologies. He has spent numerous years at the nexus of healthcare and technology, leading and delivering initiatives to achieve better outcomes for patients. He recently left the NHS sector, and prior to that was the Head of Strategy and Marketing at Thermaprox, as well as the former UK Healthcare Strategist and Program Lead, Chief of Staff, and Strategic Projects Manager for F. Hoffmann-La Roche AG, one of the world’s largest and most respected biopharma and health science enterprises.

Bobby has spent years overseeing high level corporate strategy both externally as it relates to policy and communication, as well as internally as it relates to the confluence of science, finance and IT. He has successfully secured investment from the Sustainability Transformation Fund bringing about improved access to care for patients , as well as authoring a paper on thermal mass and the cold supply chain to support grant applications from the Gates Foundation, GAVI and UNESCO. He has extensive experience in conceiving and transforming strategy in to operational deliverables, developing business use cases, writing white papers, and working with complex data analytics. He attended the University of London.

Bobby serves as an Advisor and Consultant to numerous Accelerators, as well as a handful of private and public companies involved in technology, healthcare, biotechnology and pharmaceuticals.

James Gleason

Chief Financial Officer

James Gleason is a Board Director and CFO of LNQ Systems, as well as a Senior Manager of Operations Finance at Masimo Corp., a leading publicly-traded medical technology company. He is a former Finance Manager and Senior Analyst at Ciena Corp. and MetLife, former VP of Finance at Digital Broadband, Inc., and a former finance consultant with significant experience at Ingram Micro, Taco Bell Corp, El Pollo Loco, and Diedrich Coffee.

Mr. Gleason oversees development and management of a $300MM annual operating expense budget and conducts capital planning and ROI analysis for $100MM of annual capital purchases for a $600MM global enterprise where he supports budgeting and forecasting for R&D, G&A, Marketing and Sales functions. He has overseen financial management and expense tracking of $100MM new building purchase and construction project, development of a $30MM marketing and advertising budget, development of a $12MM annual IT budget and operating plan, as well as development and oversight of product lifecycle, product warranty, and multinational production inventory. He has also provided strategic development and support for companies like Ford, Visteon, Kaiser, Shell Oil, and PG&ambp;E. He attended the University of Oregon and the University of Southern California.

Mr. Gleason serves as a Key Opinion Leader and Consultant to numerous Wall Street hedge and mutual funds, investment banks and firms, as well as a handful of private and public companies involved in technology, healthcare, medical device, and other related enterprises.

Bryan Young

Chief Technology Officer

Bryan Young is the Chief Technology Officer of LNQ Systems, as well as the CTO of WaterIQ, an advanced analytics firm using AI and IoT to optimize water conservation. He is a full stack engineer and has more than 20 years of experience working in Fortune 500 companies. He has served as a Senior Software Architect and Alliance Manager at Lenovo, and he has held multiple positions at both Intel Corp. and the SAS Institute.

Mr. Young has filed over 40 patent applications and has 7 patents issued in his name. He has developed and driven software innovation across numerous products and platforms including Lenovo ThinkStation products and an AutoCAD LT system bundle in partnership with Autodesk. He has created and executed software partnership strategies and grown service offerings related to multiple technology products and brands. He has led the design and development of multiple mobile and web-based applications leveraging both internal and external teams, has created multiple industry-first solutions, and has guided product campaigns in the US and China. His efforts have been instrumental in growing both customer and partner relationships, as well as causing significant cost reductions and revenue growth.

Mr. Young attended the North Carolina State University, and the University of North Carolina. He holds numerous certifications and serves as a Key Opinion Leader and Consultant to Wall Street hedge and mutual funds, investment banks and companies involved in financial communication and healthcare.

Jennifer Truong

Director of Operations

Jennifer Truong is the Director of Operations of LNQ Systems and a Registered Nurse at the Miller Children’s and Women’s Hospital (Long Beach, CA) and Children’s Hospital of Orange County (Orange, CA). She is a former Operations Manager at Merrill Corp, a provider of technology-enabled platforms for secure content sharing, communications and disclosure services for regulated industries, as well as a former Site Supervisor and Senior Project Manager at RR Donnelley, a global integrated service provider of optimized multichannel marketing and business communication solutions.

Ms. Truong is an agile cross-functional team leader. Her achievements and success in the financial communications and healthcare fields have been widely recognized. She has implemented continuous improvement and 5S methodology initiatives to streamline workflows, overseen multi-million dollar site budgets, and she has been the cross-functional contact lead across multiple functional groups including investment banking, legal, accounting, and executive management. She has coordinated SEC filings, initial public offerings, mergers and acquisitions, debt transactions, annual and quarterly reports, as well as press releases published on US, European and Asian exchanges dealing with companies such as Google, HP/Compaq, TiVo, Deutsche Telekom, Edwards Life Sciences, Masimo, Satyam, and Christian Dior. She has international operations experience working in Paris, London, and Frankfurt, and in Haiti.

As a healthcare professional, Ms. Truong specializes in NICU Small Baby Unit care protocols, focusing on unique needs of early birth and extremely low birth weight infants. In that role, she steers cross-disciplinary operations in order to cause optimal patient outcomes. Her added interest in continuous quality improvement, quality control, and communication reinforce her commitment to excellence. Philanthropically, she co-leads multi-disciplinary medical missions to Haiti providing leadership, education, mobile acute care, and establishing virtual medical operations.

Ms. Truong attended the University of Oregon, the California State University - Long Beach, the Université de Paris, Sorbonne, and the American University of Paris. She holds numerous certifications and serves as a Key Opinion Leader and Consultant to Wall Street hedge and mutual funds, investment banks and companies involved in financial communication and healthcare.

Matt Zlaket

Director of Quality Assurance/Quality Control

Matt Zlaket is the Director of QA/QC for LNQ Systems, as well as an owner and Managing Director of Close Curtain, a digital development and design firm. He is also a musician/vocalist with over 700 recorded tracks, and he performs with a touring musical act, M2 and The People. He is also a professional sports photographer associated with American Presswire.

Mr. Zlaket is a former Project Coordinator at Special Order Systems, an IP telephony-focused firm that provides advanced voice and data solutions to small and medium size businesses. He also worked for US Bancorp, where he managed commercial cash vault activity across Northern California.

Mr. Zlaket attended Sierra College. He is an experienced agile project manager and cross-functional operations leader focusing on the synchronization of cadence between product design and product engineering. This is exactly what he does for LNQ. As a creative problem solver and content creator, Mr. Zlaket’s achievements have been recognized throughout the region. He has been trusted with many sensitive and high profile projects. More recently, Mr. Zlaket has moved into the technology development field working with enterprise class mobile application development and APIs.

David Barpal

Director of Data Services

David Barpal is the Director of Data for LNQ Systems, and a Partner at SRS Industrial, an e-commerce retailer of industrial surplus. He has over thirty years of experience as an IT professional with extensive experience in Z/OS performance analysis, DB2 database management and financial services compliant data management and system design. He is a former Senior Performance Analyst and Senior DBA at Charles Schwab and Visa, as well as a former System Programmer and DBA at Syntex, CTG, and Westinghouse. He is responsible for the design and development of LNQ Systems databases and data management systems.

Mr. Barpal has designed and developed multiple production and test servers as well as web servers, remote access systems, and VPNs. He has installed, configured, and maintained multiple DB2, SQL, and MySQL databases, as well as written and maintained multiple web based control applications. He has provided multi-sysplex operational support overseeing 10-way CICS/DB2 data sharing environments, monitoring trends and performance issues, and optimizing systems for market demands across 21 LPARS. He has overseen resource utilization reduction monitoring, system certification, analysis and reporting on mission critical projects for Java and DB2-based systems. In addition, he has managed application, production, and environmental support, participated in disaster recovery planning, and managed all aspects of SQL and DB2 application development, table design, object creation, performance analysis, and production support.

Mr. Barpal attended DeVry University. He serves as a Key Opinion Leader and Consultant to investment firms and companies dealing with big data and complex data systems.

Christopher Perry

Lead Product Design Engineer

Christopher Perry is the Lead Product Design Engineer at LNQ Systems, as well as a lead and senior developer at The Grid Agency, Prestwood IT, Sketchbook Creative, Close Curtain, and Webdogs. He focuses on web design and development, Planning, prototyping, CMS and eCommerce development, theming, DNS/server maintenance, and SEO.

Mr. Perry is a self-taught coder proficient in hand-coded HTML and CSS, JavaScript (jQuery and three.js 3D animation language), PHP, and WebGL. He is also proficient in all aspects of Adobe Creative Suite, Coda   Atom text editors, Wordpress CMS, Woocommerce eCommerce platform, as well as frameworks including Zurb Foundation and Twitter Bootstrap. He also has extensive photography and print design experience.

He attended Sierra College and has degrees in web design, graphic design, and digital illustration. He serves as an adviser and consultant to a handful of companies involved in technology, mobile application software, and various other enterprises.

Bryan Kenote

Product Engineer

Bryan Kenote is a Product Engineer for LNQ Systems. He is a former Senior Project Team Member at Intel, where he contributed features and produced documentation for the development of web APIs. He also worked with MBT Marketing where he focused on mobile and web application development. He has also assisted in the teaching of object oriented C++ at Oregon State University.

As a software developer, Mr. Kenote is experienced with C/C++, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Java, Python, Swift, and PHP programming languages. He is also experienced with Git, SVN, Node, MongoDB, SQL, Xcode, and Android studio tools and frameworks. He has designed and developed multiple production and test applications, in whole or in part, for web and mobile environments, and he has designed and developed tables, objects, and performance monitors for multiple databases.

Mr. Kenote attended Oregon State University, where he focused on software engineering and web development, CPU and network architecture, database design and development, operating systems, assembly language, compilers, digital logic design, algorithm analysis, and computational theory.

Dana Shaw-Arimoto

Chair, Board of Directors

Dana Shaw-Arimoto is a member of the Advisory Board of LNQ Systems. She is the founder and CEO of Phoenix to the 5th Consulting, as well as a world renowned talent ecosystem advisor, speaker, and author. She is an award-winning leader most recently recognized as a Silicon Valley Business Journal’s 2015 Woman of Influence. She was also invited to serve as a judge for the 2015 and 2016 Stevie Awards. She provides consultative leadership focused on strategic planning, horizon forecasting, talent evaluation, talent acquisition, KPIs, private equity investment, mergers and acquisitions, exit strategy fulfillment, and other aspects of corporate development and executive leadership.

She is the former President and COO of ICon Professional Services; former global VP of Operations and VP of the Global MSP Center of Excellence at TAPFIN, a ManpowerGroup company; SVP of Strategy and Solutions, as well as a Strategic Services Executive at Staffing Industry Analysts, VP of Corporate Development at Covendis Technologies; and a Director overseeing L D, training, QA, salesforce development and proposals, at companies including PrO Unlimited, Adecco, and Robert Half, Intl. She is also a former Chief Business Officer of United Cerebral Palsy of the Golden Gate, and Director of Development and Community Relations at Coastside Family Medical Center where she oversaw grant writing and clinical service spectrum development.

Most recently, as the former President of the Alliance and Advisory practice at TalentWave, Ms. Shaw-Arimoto oversaw growth initiatives, 5 month rapid acquisition of leading competitor, and the execution of an 18 month private equity exit strategy for the founder of ICon Solutions, prior to its rebrand as TalentWave, and after successfully doubling revenue 10 months ahead of schedule.

Ms. Shaw-Arimoto is a powerful advocate for women in technology. Her involvement with Chicago-based ARA (attract, retain, advance), a women in technology mentoring program, and with San Francisco’s Year Up program, illustrate her commitment to causing career advancement opportunities for all people, especially women in STEM/STEAM. She is a consultant to the VMSA Network focused on building the Catalyst Coalition team of Fortune company-listed thought leaders, innovators and evangelists.

Ms. Shaw-Arimoto has also made significant international faculty speaker and keynote presentation appearances numerous events, and both MSP and VMS user and client advisory board meetings and retreats for companies such as Fieldglass, PeopleFluent, Allegis, Bartech and TAPFIN. She is a recognized KOL and SME, and has appeared as an expert at SIA’s CW Solution, SIA’s Executive Forum, VMSA LIVE, the TechServe Alliance Annual Conference, and many other conferences. Her publications include thought leadership pieces featured in SI Review, CW 3.0, HRO, Compliance Week, The Fordyce Letter, and Institute Supply Management Magazine, among many others.

Ms. Shaw-Arimoto attended the University of Wisconsin, Madison, earning her degree in public relations and broadcast from the school of journalism. She is an Advisory Board member and acting Silicon Valley Chapter Leader of ARA: Women Mentoring Women in Tech, a member of the Advisory Boards of shiftgig and seejanego, as well as a past Advisory Board Director at ICon Professional Services, Vets in Tech, Envision, and United Cerebral Palsy both in WI and CA. She has also been a member and contributing writer at both the American Management Association and the American Society for Training and Development. She is also a previous Brookfield Business Woman of the Year nominee, as well as a past committee member and chair of multiple chambers of commerce.

Richard Kolbell, Ph.D., ABPP

Board Director

Dr. Kolbell is a member of the Advisory Board of LNQ Systems. He provides consultative leadership focused on issues of human cognition, attention, language, executive function, and interpersonal interaction. He maintains a perspective on ethical aspects of all dimensions of product conceptualization, design, and implementation. He also informs the LNQ Board of near and long-term ethical implications to avoid potential risks and conflicts.

Dr. Kolbell is Board-Certified in Clinical Neuropsychology through the American Board of Professional Psychology, and is a member of the Oregon State Bar Board of Governors. He informs the board, and ultimately the Oregon Supreme Court, regarding matters of applicant character and fitness to practice law, as well as ADA evaluations. He also advises on request for survival accommodation on the Oregon state bar exam. Last, I provide training to law students on best way to study for the exam, from a neurocognitive standpoint. He is also a former Chair of the Ethics Committee of the Oregon Psychological Association, and he served on the association’s Board of Directors.

In his professional capacity, Dr. Kolbell has provided consultation to physicians, psychologists, and several multinational corporations regarding employee capacity and fitness. He has provided consultation and expert testimony to State and Federal courts in multiple jurisdictions, in criminal, civil, and administrative legal proceedings. He has been an invited speaker at national, regional, state and local scientific and professional organizations, and has published in the area of stress and its impact on cognition, performance, and health outcomes.

Dr. Kolbell obtained his Ph.D. from the University of Oregon, and completed his clinical internship at Columbia-Presbyterian Hospital and the New York Neurological Institute. He has experience in program management in psychiatric hospitals and clinics, hospital administration, and was the Director of Clinical Services for a multi-national heath-care corporation that operated psychiatric and substance abuse hospitals across the United States. He was the Chief Neuropsychologist for a multidisciplinary clinic that treated patients with traumatic brain injury and chronic pain. Dr. Kolbell maintained a busy private practice between 1999 and 2014, in addition to holding faculty appointments at the Oregon Health Sciences University, Departments of Neurological Surgery and Psychiatry, and at Pacific University.

Shane Hoover

Board Director

Shane Hoover is a member of the Advisory Board of LNQ Systems and the Founder and Managing Partner of Hoover Capital, LLC. He provides consultative leadership focused on public and private finance, economics, market valuation, regulatory compliance, corporate cash management, mergers and acquisitions, and general forward-looking forecast-focused financial auditing. He delivers critical perspective pertaining to discretionary and non-discretionary investment by individuals and corporations, as well as private equity.

Mr. Hoover is a Registered Investment Adviser. He has managed over $100 million in assets for both corporate and individual clients, retirement plans, 401(k)’s, and pension plans, on both a discretionary and non-discretionary level. He obtained his Series 6 and 63 securities licenses, along with Life, Disability, and Long-Term Care Insurance licenses, while at John Hancock Mutual Life Insurance Company, and his Series 3, 7 and 65 licenses at what became RBC Financial, where he was responsible for all security research, analysis, identification of suitable investments, and trading for all clients within his team.

Mr. Hoover attended the University of Colorado, and the University of Washington. He is a Key Opinion Leader and Consultant to private investors and investment trusts, Wall Street hedge and mutual funds, investment banks and entities involved in the investment and management of cash, precious metals and other commodities.